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Important notes before downloading BranchManager for DOORS:
  • BranchManager does not support DOORS versions –
  • In order to better accomodate 64b addressing, IBM has introduced changes to some of the basic data types in DOORS, necessitating extensive changes in BranchManager to retain compatibility. Due to this and some other critical issues in and, we cannot support these versions.
  • It is recommended to choose the exact version of BranchManager for DOORS according to your version of the used DOORS Client.
  • BranchManager needs a pre-installed Java Runtime Environment. Choose the product version according to the bitness of your JRE (not the bitness of your operating system)
  • Please note: if messages like “java was started but returned exit code” appear during the startup, it is likely that the bitness of your JRE does not correspond to the version of BranchManager that you downloaded. In this case, please use another version of BranchManager
BranchManager 2.3.1 BranchManager 2.7
BranchManager 2.3.1 supports DOORS client versions 9.4 through
If you use one of these DOORS versions, please click
BranchManager 2.6 supports DOORS client versions, and
If you use one of these DOORS versions, please click [HERE].

Additional documents like installation manuals for the BranchManager or presentations can be found here:

BranchManager for DOORS installation manual
BranchManager for DOORS presentation: PDF
BranchManager for DOORS presentation
BranchManager for DOORS system requirements
BranchManager for DOORS license agreement
BranchManager for DOORS maintenance agreement
BranchManager for DOORS flyer
What’s new
IT-QBase license daemon
To use an existing FlexLM license server with BranchManager for DOORS, you will need the IT-QBase license daemon