We stand for…

Our employees are proud to say, that we provide them with opportuinities to them increase their abilities and that they can learn every day from each other.

Beside of our work in projects we offer our employees advanced training multiple times a year where they can develop their skills further. This is why we see our company as a Guild of ALM-Experts that consider the ALM-Craftmanship as a fundamental business function.

ALM-Craftmanship puts the “solution-creater” to the foreground as well as their ambitions to solve this ideas in a technical perfect way.

To realize perfect solutions it is necessary to work with professional employees. But to be a good “solution-creater” you have to ask the following questions fist:

“How can I become a better developer? And what is a technical good solution?”

As a member of our team you will learn to find the right answer to this questions by yourself, learn new techniques and extend and improve your knowledge constantly.

We expect from you….

  • You are open minded and have a passion for software-development and new technologies
  • You insert your thoughts and knowledge with good grace into our team.
  • Also you are regional flexible and willing to work at our customers on-site.

If you can workout topics on your own and you have analytic capabilities then we are the perfect company for you!