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Make Quality of your requirements measurable!

Following many requests of our customers we have developed a tool, which provides the possibility to optimize the quality of your Requirements Management and it makes quality measurable and treceable!

With Requalize you are able to import and analyse exported project data (modules) from a Requirements Managament Tool. You can analyse the content and syntax of single requirements and deduce binding specifications for the formulation of requirements.

By using Requalize you are able to archieve a substantial improvement in the formulation of requirements within a very short time, as well as you can save time and money when implementing your projects.

Requalize provides…

  • a unique methode to analyze requirements
  • a rapid result of a requirements analysis of improving quality of requirements
  • the possibility to improve the quality assurance measures to make this improvements treceable

By using Requalize…

  • you detect bad structures in specifications size, hierarchy)
  • you detect the use bad words and unwanted characters
  • you detect wasted link structures (link module, links)
  • you detect possible deviations of company conventions in the formulation of requirements

Get more information about the potentialities of Requalize and request a test version please contact us via