IT-QBase: Experts for Application Lifecyle Management

Every software solution is running through different phases during the development and along the way smaller or also more complex challanges have to be succeeded. And to succeed these challanges development -processes and -methodology are needed which guarantee qualitative high class solutions in a short period of time.

IT-QBase has more than ten years experience in Application Lifecycle Managements (ALM) projects and we see development procedures as a whole and our adjustments lead to a more efficient and collaborative working environment of all team members.

We can offer our customers our expert-skills in all domains of the Application Lifecycle Management.

Our knowledge includes either the technical aspects of Tools and their implementation as well as the methodical competency to optimize agile and formal development processes.

We offer consultation and support to increase your development methodology as efficient as possible so an optimum of effective work can be archieved.

This can be done by adapting existing software solution of your company, migrating existing tools, data and solutions to another platform or synchronizing multiple platforms with each other, we have experts for every solution.

Our company is made out of the different skills and the special expert knowledge of our employees, who are improving their skills through teaching and interacting of the different domains of ALM with each other. That means our employees constantly enhance their knowledge for the best support of our customers. So we can cover up all topics of ALM through working together.

Talk to us and get benefits of using our know-how of ALM-topics

On the following link you can see in detail what we can offer you: HERE.

IT-QBase: We know how

There are several tools, platforms and solutions of ALM available on the market, and we know the most important ones.

Benefit from consulting us!

    IBM® Rational Tools

    • Rational Team Concert (RTC), Rational DOORS and DNG
    • Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM)
    • Rational Synergy, Rational Change
    • Rational ClearCase UCM, Rational ClearQuest

    Subversion (SVN)by Apache®

    • a “simple“ versioning-software

    Additionally we can offer you the know-how in Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) and more REST Services.
    This open standard is a nice integration approach for sighting, adapting and linking of lifecycle-ressources of development tools.

    The more tools are used the more complicated the linking of the information of the tools will be among each other. And to integrate different tools and to make them more easy and effective the OSLC-spezification was developed.

    Besides of that we also have developed our own software -solutions and -customizations

      BranchManager for DOORS

      • The BranchManager for DOORS is a helpful extension and allows you to manage your requirements and the resulting changes in parallel branches in DOORS.
        [Read more…]

      DXL Debugger

      • With the DXL Debugger you can set in DXL-programming for DOORS Breakpoints which stops and resumes the execution to verify results. [Read more…]

    If you need more information please feel free to call us: +49 160 962 11 201