05. May 2022 – A new version of the BranchManager is released

Dear BranchManager community,

We are pleased to announce the release of IT-QBase BranchManager for DOORS version 2.8.
You can download the newest version from our Downloads page on our website: DOWNLOADS



  • New absolute number generation while branching to prevent misleading uniqueness of ids
  • Copy Views: copy settings for manual and automated refresh in DXL columns
  • When branching modules with outgoing links and the target module is not branched, ensure that the branched
    module links to the same baseline as the original module
  • When branching modules, duplicate the original Linksets property “Only allow outgoing links…”
  • Stability: recognize and report more erroneous situations when branching
  • Integration:

  • Improve handling when saving results across integration sessions: remember when new objects are marked as
    integrated without actual merge
  • Topological Sort:

  • Improve memory handling and add logging capability
  • Add possibility to do topological sort in batch mode
  • Overall changes:

  • behavior and performance improvements
  • General Preferences are now stored in the DOORS database, not any more in files
  • License Manager:

  • Central Installation: Provide means to maintain license information centrally and to install BranchManager in a multi user environment
  • Allowing limitation of Branch and Merge operations to members of certain groups by using the hook system
  • Documentation

  • Installation Manual: provide more information about the possibilities to provide licenses
  • Installation Manual: provide more information about how to integrate BranchManager into a DOORS environment
  • Bug Fixes:

    #1885: Copy Views: set of views to be copied while branching: evaluate section “Default” correctly
    #1933: Relink Source Module: fix move operation
    #2006: Quick Merge: Stability: reduce situations where the column that displays changes loses its contents
    #2016: enable integration of deletions back to the origin project when the link target module has not yet been branched
    #2018: Could not checkout a license. Unknown error.
    #2029: when branching a module that contains out links, create links to the correct objects when the link target module has already been branched previously
    #2036: repair dialog “About”
    #2080: General: Do not rely on the existence of a directory C:\temp<


  • DOORS versions and are explicitly NOT supported.
  • BranchManager 2.8 is compatible with DOORS clients – 9.7 and has been tested with versions up to and with JDK versions 8 (Oracle) and 11 (OpenJDK by ojdkbuild)
  • Vulnerability Check log4j: All BranchManager versions are not affected.
  • In order to use BranchManager 2.8 you would require a new license file.
  • For license update, please contact us at BranchManager@IT-QBase.de
    We would be happy hearing from you regarding the new release version. Your feedback will help us to improve our products.

    Best regards
    Juergen Haveresch

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