Der DXL Debugger

In cooperation with SODIUS SAS / France, IT-QBase has developed a DXL Debugger, that facilitates the programming in DXL (DOORS eXtension Language) immensly. The DXL Debugger is an integral part of the DXL Editor, developed by SODIUS SAS / France.

Source Code debugging is a critical activity in programming. To use the right tool makes the programming easier for the developmer. The right tool helps to manage complex programs and new developer are able to work with the existing code in a easy way.

The Debug Features accelerate the programming process many times over and leads to a top-quality result. The „DXL Editor ProLicense“ helps to complete your porojects more quickly.

The friendly interface of the DXL Editor allows full control over the programming and the execution of DXL programs at any time.

Debug Features

You are able:

  • to set breakpoints in your program
  • to control the code execution via stop, resume and step-by-step
  • to check variables
  • to verify results

Debug View

The Debug View is the central view to process the debugging in a DXL program. This view displays the „Stack-Frame“ of the DXL program, which were suspended for a time, and a list of function calls.

Breakpoint View

Die Breakpoint View lists all breakpoints you currently have set in your workspace. You can double-click a breakpoint to display its location in the editor (if applicable). You can also enable or disable breakpoints, delete them, add new ones, and group them by working set.

Variables View

The Variables View displays information about the variables associated with the selected function in the Debug View. Selecting a variable will display more detailed information in the Detail Pane.

Expressions View

The Expressions View allows you to dynamically execute queries to assist your debugging. You can enter any valid code and have the results calculated at every execution step to monitor values. Entries in the Expressions View can be selected to have more detailed information displayed in the Detail Pane.