Operation of the Application Lifecycle Management

We offer full services of ALM to support the Quality Management in your product development and also we will support you during the complete implementation of your projects.
We cover all different themes of the whole development process.

Process analysis

We assist in order to clarify questions as follows:

  • Which processes procedures are there already?
  • Which process steps exist for the current procedures?
  • Installation of the eligible tools?
  • Are the responsibilities of a process step uniquely defined?
  • Which conditions (input) are needed for a process step?
  • Which results (output) are expected?
  • How can a tool provide your processes?
  • How do you assess the efficiency and performance of its processes?
Prozess Optimization

As a part of process optimization we support you as follows:

  • Unification, simplification of single procedures
  • Synchronization of single procedures of processes by different groups as well as unnecessary work processes and duplication
  • Optimization of in- and outputs of individual process stages
  • Definition of automation of overall or individual steps
Tool evaluation

As a part of the tool evaluation we support you as follows:

  • demand analysis
  • definition of your requirements
  • white paper evaluation (pre-selection)
  • installation of the eligible tools
  • creation of a working group with the aim to examine the feasibility and the application options of certain tools
  • Analysis of different ways to optimize the configuration

As a part of the tool implementation we support you in:

  • the installation for the productive use by using IT-Services Management (ITIL)
  • the integration of an existing IT landscape or a new system landscape
  • the basic configuration
  • the first necessary adjustments
  • coaching your employees

We provide you with the support you need to:

  • adjust the interface,
  • expand the data model,
  • change the functions or develop them completely new,
  • simplify the authorization of rules.

We support you by:

  • creation of an operational concept,
  • dimensioning of hardware,
  • analysis of performance,
  • product updates,
  • execution of cleanups,
  • IT Resources Management,
  • Expanding of application monitoring tools,
  • Automation of administrative processes.

We assume:

  • The first and second level support of your employees by phone, via mail or directly in your company. We also coordinate contact between you the program publisher; if requested

We provide:

  • The performance of tasks like Build Management, Deployment, Interface coding and much more for your environments
Teaching / Coaching

We provide:

  • your employees with training to operate or handle the new used software
  • your specialists with training not only in basic knowledge but also in handling of the whole complex software knowledge you need
    We coach all employees directly in your company (coaching in the job) without disturbing the project development. Your benefit is to have both: teaching of your employees and normal project work

What we do is

  • to analyze procedures – from the requirements capture to the maintenance of the delivered products,
  • to define and optimize your existing process,
  • to introduce software tools throughout the whole Product LifeCycle.