Process success by intelligent Requirements Management

Frequently requirements management is put on the same level as requirements engineering. The result is, that the description of the different requirements management topics is inaccurate.
It is true, that the requirements management is a part of requirements engineering.

Fields of requirements management to develop a product or offer services are collection, definition, analysis, documentation and traceability of requirements.

In recent years there were always different models to describe the character of requirements – from the collection to the implementation. The V-model is the best known but not really exactly.

Good and sophisticated methods and goal-orientated requirements management are very important especially in large-scale projects with different employees and specialist departments.


  • support you in order to achieve the goal of a smooth administration of your requirements
  • support you to define and implement (adapt) your processes
  • help you to have full control about the changes of requirements and exchange of requirements (change management)
  • help you to recognize and solve problems