Version 2.8

New absolute number generation while branching to prevent misleading uniqueness of ids
Copy Views: copy settings for manual and automated refresh in DXL columns
When branching modules with outgoing links and the target module is not branched, ensure that the branched module links to the same baseline as the original module
When branching modules, duplicate the original Linksets property &‌ldquo;Only allow outgoing links…&‌rdquo;
Stability: recognize and report more erroneous situations when branching
Improve handling when saving results across integration sessions: remember when new objects are marked as integrated without actual merge
Topological Sort:
Improve memory handling and add logging capability.
Add possibility to do topological sort in batch mode
Overall changes:
behavior and performance improvements
General Preferences are now stored in the DOORS database, not any more in files
License Manager:
Central Installation: Provide means to maintain license information centrally and to install BranchManager in a multi user environment
Allowing limitation of Branch and Merge operations to members of certain groups by using the hook system
Installation Manual: provide more information about the possibilities to provide licenses
Installation Manual: provide more information about how to integrate BranchManager into a DOORS environment
Bug Fixes:
#1885: Copy Views: set of views to be copied while branching: evaluate section “Default” correctly
#1933: Relink Source Module: fix move operation
#2006: Quick Merge: Stability: reduce situations where the column that displays changes loses its contents
#2016: enable integration of deletions back to the origin project when the link target module has not yet been branched
#2018: Could not checkout a license. Unknown error.
#2029: when branching a module that contains out links, create links to the correct objects when the link target module has already been branched previously
#2036: repair dialog “About”
#2080: General: Do not rely on the existence of a directory C:\temp
DOORS versions and are explicitly NOT supported.
BranchManager 2.8 is compatible with DOORS clients – 9.7 and has been tested with versions up to and with JDK versions 8 (Oracle) and 11 (OpenJDK by ojdkbuild)
Vulnerability Check log4j: All BranchManager versions are not affected.

Version 2.7

Compatibility corrections to work with DOORS client 9.7 – 64bit enhancements
Performance enhancements: reduced overhead and unnecessary actions, especially extraneous undelete/re-delete cleanup actions
Added debug logging to Integration actions. Toggle on and off through Settings on the Integration form
Compare columns adjusted to reduce refresh overhead and improve performance
Option added to allow an automatic “Merge all non-conflicting changes” during the initial compare, especially useful in extremely large modules
Improvement to OLE object handling
DOORS versions and are explicitly NOT supported.
BranchManager 2.7 is compatible with DOORS clients – 9.7

Version 2.6

Compatibility corrections to work with DOORS client – 64bit enhancements
Changes for improved license handling
License server can be set using the environment variable TQBASE_LICENSE_FILE
Improved display during integration of new objects
DOORS versions and are explicitly NOT supported.
BranchManager 2.6 is only compatible with DOORS clients –

Version 2.5

Compatibility corrections to work with DOORS client – 64bit enhancements
Correction of 32b errors during merge
For Compare and Integration, it is possible to define sets for use with ‘Set Common Attributes’
For Branching, it is possible to define sets of views to copy during branching, at the project level
DOORS versions and are explicitly NOT supported.
BranchManager 2.5 is only compatible with DOORS clients and

Version 2.4

Compatibility corrections to work with DOORS client – 64bit enhancements
DOORS versions and are explicitly NOT supported.
BranchManager 2.4 is only compatible with DOORS client

Version 2.3

UniqueID no longer limited to 8 characters.
Possible to put multiple OLE objects in a single attribute.
DOORS versions and later are not yet supported.
DOORS has shown some issues that call it’s stability into question. For example, branching will show errors when DXL layout columns are present in a view.

Version 2.2.1

Checkbox to disable autorefresh while merging. Items will be removed from the visible list, but is not truly updated until a manual refresh is done, or the checkbox is unchecked. Finalize Integration disabled while checked.
Window focus and ordering improved.
Bug Fixes:
Help plugin incompatible with Java versions after 1.8.0 update 74
When integrating new link modules, they are not saved before finish
OLE object handing and comparisons reworked to be compatible up to and including Windows 10 and DOORS
Module attributes created with richText in the original module are successfully copied as richText, reducing a major source of irrelevant change objects during integration.
User Hooks functional in DOORS and higher (changes in int/string conversions in DOORS were causing exceptions).

Version 2.2.0

Better robustness in 64 bit environments, DOORS and Windows 10

Version 2.1.4

Handling of more use cases during integration (improve ordering of new objects)
Support for a future version of DOORS which will allow for the release of more memory
Re-introduce the Absolute Number for the comparison dialog (not for integration)
Documentation update: clarify the integration of BranchManager into an already customized environment
Bug Fixes:
After the manual integration of some changes, it should not be required to press “Merge all non-conflicted changes” twice.
During integration, a new link added to the very last object of the source module was not detected.

Version 2.1.0

Integration dialog selects the latest available integration baseline instead of the common base.
BM Tutorial can be set up if the user name contains characters not allowed in a project name (e.g. commata).
After modules are branched, the DB Explorer should show these new modules.
Absolute number is excluded from the selection box in the integration process
Bug Fixes:
Link creation stops unexpectedly – Fixed.
Link type of external links are not copied – Fixed.
Diagnostic log appears occasionally after integrations are finished – Fixed.
DXL error on integration of purged objects – Fixed.
Memory and handle issues:
Increased reliability of handle validity.
ModuleVersion leaks corrected.

Version 2.0.0

New Feature:
Licensing changed to IT-QBase licenses (still FlexNet)
Documentation updated.
Bug Fix:
Issue with occasional invalid handle during POST-trigger – Fixed.

Version 1.8.0 Stable

New Feature:
Custom attributes or dxl attributes created in a branch module are integrated back to trunk module (even if attributes didn’t exist in trunk )
New package available for DOORS 9.6 – 64bit
Performance optimization during integration and comparison.
Improvement while Structure change integration.
Improvement during comparison of large module.
Improvement during comparison/integration of many links modules, especially if link targets are very large modules.
Possibility to stop the object comparison and change the integration options while comparison is performed – Using the &‌ldquo;setting&‌rdquo; button.
Possibility to change the integration option without waiting until the end of the comparison process.
“Merge All Non Conflicted” and “Merge Selected Changes” performance improvement during integration (GUI is not updated during integration but at the end of the process to avoid freezing the GUI and to speed up the integration process).
Relink Source Module: horizontal scrollbar added to the &‌ldquo;Relink Source Module &‌ldquo;dialog box to view complete name of the linkset.
Bug Fix:
Integration: Stack overflow error (followed by a DOORS runtime error), during large module’s comparison – Fixed.
Integration: refer to a wrong module when an integration baseline is used to create a branch – Fixed.
During integration: it is now possible to abort comparison using the &‌ldquo;settings&‌rdquo; button, and change the comparison options. &‌ldquo;Refresh All&‌rdquo; button will restart a new comparison with the new setting defined.
During integration: DXL Error if attempting an Illegal Integration – fixed. Since the copy doesn’t share a common baseline, it is not allowed to proceed an integration. A new message dialog box will inform users when no parallel modules are found during Integration or Quick-Merge.
Finalizing Integration: integration BaseLine error (CreateStandardizedIntegrationBaseline_GUI – DXL error.) – Fixed
Finalizing Integration: New control added to avoid a dxl error when integrated modules are accessed in parallel by another user during the finalization of the integration.
During branching: DXL error if a DOORS project is selected in the right panel of DOORS (or if the root folder of the DOORS database is selected) – Fixed.
DOORS compatibility issue fixed:
with DOORS 9.1
with DOORS 9.6 – 32bit
with any 64 bits version of DOORS
Version 1.7.0 Stable
New Features:
Branching in batch mode using Command Line.
API hooks added to branch and merge operations.
Merge new attributes from source to target (including changed DXL attributes).
GUI Changes:
log name appears in branching complete message
Log name appears in branching complete message.
Integration GUI:
Upper Right ‘X’ – removed. Quit this GUI using dedicated button.
Bug Fix: finalize integration GUI will no longer crash at end (stopped timer).
Bug Fix: “Abort”” Integration, option “Close without saving” will now operate as expected. Allow the user to re start a full process of integration (by selecting module to be branched).
Quick Merge GUI:
“Cancel” button replaced by “Close” button.
“Merge”” button replaced by &‌ldquo;Merging…&‌rdquo; button. And is inactivate.
Text of the dialog is updated: User is informed that He must eventually Save and Baseline his changes.
Bug Fix:
‘Branching by command line’ batch file fixed (for all DOORS Version supported).
During Branching of certain Filter Properties.
Compatibility issue with DOORS 8 and BM V 1.7.x – fixed.
Version 1.6.0
New Features:
branching operations log creation
branching of modules’ object share structure
branching and merging of external links
branching of empty link sets (provided link module is used once by source module)
merging of new link sets (provided there is at least one link in it)
includes creation of parallel link module if required
added button to merge all non-conflicted changes in integration GUI
automatic target module structure modification during integration around deleted source objects
new relink script to duplicate link sets in a source module
GUI Changes:
certain buttons disabled while integration GUI is calculating change list
swapped conflicted and non-conflicted changes headings in integration GUI
modification of closing behaviors of integration GUI (all end with closing GUI):
Abort presents user with choice of how to close the target module
Save any merge changes and close
Close without saving
Leave open in unsaved state
&‌ldquo;Save and Continue Later&‌rdquo; saves the target module
&‌ldquo;Finalize Integration&‌rdquo; saves the target module and creates necessary baselines
Upper Right &‌ldquo;X&‌rdquo; nothing more than closing the GUI, target module remains in an unsaved state
removed user confirmations from branching code to streamline its operation
Bug Fixes:
branching code no longer attempts to rename old BranchManager attributes to new when new already exist
plus sign (&‌ldquo;+&‌rdquo;) for conflicted changes in integration GUI list now appears if any exist